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Water Marbling by this-is-a-paradox
Water Marbling
Tried water marbling for the first time! Thought it came out pretty cool. I decided to go through with the dots and stuff I'd seen in this tutorial by Indigonova1 on YouTube:…; Thank you, Indigonova1!!! : )

-"Dark Huemoor" by Sally Hansen
-"Blanc" by Essie
-"Invisible" (top coat) by Sally Hansen

I'd initially planned to do blue and this light pink (muchi, muchi by Essie), but when it ringed in the cup it was too think to show up pigmented. I'm still glad because I like the way this looks better and I didn't have to waste all my white. : )
CAMP SELFIES (spoilers) by this-is-a-paradox
CAMP SELFIES (spoilers)
THIS TOOK FOREVER but I really wanted to do selfie-type things for post-Blood of Olympus. (SPOILERS, BY THE WAY!!)
This is like old now but I never got to scan it and it literally took ages so I figured I should post it either way.

Anyway, we have Reyna and Nico, the SoN trio, Jasper, Percabeth, Happy Jason and Less Happy Nico, the sibs, the squad, guys being dudes, and Calypso not knowing what a smartphone is.

I hereby vow to not use colored pencils like ever again this was terrible I have no colors.

MUSIC: "LIKE I CAN" (SAM SMITH) "THE KIDS AREN'T ALRIGHT" (FALLOUT BOY) both of which have 139 and 130 plays on my iTunes respectively from playing on repeat literally the ENTIRE TIME I was working on this.
Leo's Plan (strip) by this-is-a-paradox
Leo's Plan (strip)

"It has to be this way," Leo said. "Nike confirmed it. Apollo confirmed it. The others would never accept it, but you guys... you're Romans. That's why I wanted you to come to Delos with me. You get the whole sacrifice thing--doing your duty, jumping on your sword."
Frank sniffled. "I think you mean falling on your sword."
"Whatever," Leo said. "You know this
has to be the answer."
"Leo..." Frank choked up.
Leo himself wanted to cry like a Valdezinator, but he kept his cool. "Hey, big guy, I'm counting on you. Remember you told me about that conversation with Mars? Your dad said you'd have to step yp, right? You'd have to make the call nobody else was willing to make."
"Or the war would go sideways," Frank remembered. "But still--"
"And Hazel," Leo said. "Crazy Mist-magicky Hazel, you've got to cover for me. You're the only one who can. My great-granddad Sammy saw how special you were. He blessed me when I was a baby, because I think somehow he knew you were going to come back and help me. Our whole lives,
mi amiga, they've been leading up to this."
"Oh, Leo..."
She really did burst into tears then. She grabbed him and hugged him, which was sweet until Frank started crying too and wrapped them both in his arms.
Blood of Olympus, pages 324-325, Rick Riordan.

This took a long time. Sorry it's hard to read! And the bottom is cut off but whatever. Wow they look so little in that last panel oops.

Reyna and Nico (strip) by this-is-a-paradox
Reyna and Nico (strip)

"My dad gave me a present once," Nico said. "It was a zombie."
Reyna stared at him. "What?"
"His name is Jules-Albert. He's French."
"A... French zombie?"
"Hades isn't the greatest dad, but occasionally he has these
want-to-know-my-son moments. I guess he thought the zombie was a peace offering. He said Jules-Albert could be my chauffeur."
The corner of Reyna's mouth twitched. "A French zombie chauffeur."
Blood of Olympus, pages 285-286, Rick Riordan.

This was amusing. Sorry it's hard to read!

Music: "Fix You" (Vitamin String Quartet) LISTEN TO IT IT'S PRETTY AND EMOTIONAL
Bro. Bro. (strip) by this-is-a-paradox
Bro. Bro. (strip)

"Jason and Percy shouldn't go together," Annabeth said. "Jupiter and Poseidon--bad combination. Nike could start you two fighting easily."
Percy gave her a sideways smile. "Yeah, we can't have another incident like in Kansas. I might kill my bro Jason."
"Or I might kill my bro Percy,"
Jason said amiably.
Blood of Olympus, pages 96-97, Rick Riordan.

This was fun. Sorry if it's hard to read!! D'':

Music: "The Kids Aren't Alright" (Fallout Boy), "Centuries" (Fallout Boy), "Immortals" (Fallout Boy), "This Is War" (Thirty Seconds to Mars)
Since The Blood of Olympus came out (exactly haha) a month ago, I'm going to start posting spoiler-y things I've been drawing all month in the fan art folder so if you haven't read it, you have been warned.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: "Irish Tune From County Derry" ~P.A. Grainger
  • Reading: Blood of Olympus again lol

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summerdou Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i like your gallery!! have you ever thought of inking your art and coloring it!? it would be awesome!! btw i'm going to start following you, please post more of your art!!
this-is-a-paradox Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student Artist
Thanks so much!! That really means a lot to me. : ))) As for your comment on inking, I usually do color and stuff, but in my small sketchbook I don't. (Too lazy haha) I'm trying to learn more about shading and color, so in the future I should have lots of color added to my gallery! Thank you again for the kind words!!
summerdou Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome! I can't wait to see your work!!
this-is-a-paradox Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Student Artist
Whew! Just uploaded like a dozen pictures to my gallery... though only like 2 have full ink and color! Most were done at camp where I had only pencils so sorry! D : I fully appreciate your view though, it is very kind of you. : ) Hope you enjoy.
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PenguinPotato Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Happy birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Grin 
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Just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy birthday if it is indeed your birthday. :heart: Cheers!
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Thank you so much for the watch and all the lovely comments, it means a lot to me :heart:
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